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About native plants

Native plants in our region are plants that have been here prior to European settlement.  Many of these, particularly those associated with Garry Oak Ecosystems, thrived under management by Indigenous people in the Victoria area for thousands of years. Native plants are an integral part of a healthy natural and cultural environment.

Habitat loss, including invasive species and degradation due to development, has greatly reduced the number of native plants in our region. Planting native species helps to enhance habitat value by restoring plant diversity and abundance, forming corridors and connectivity between habitats, and by attracting and supporting wildlife that has co-evolved with native plant species.  When planted appropriately, native plants can require little maintenance and little to no watering.

There is widespread acceptance and recognition among individuals, governments, and organizations that native species are critical to integrating natural values into landscape plans and restoring ecosystems to healthier conditions.  Landowners are increasingly seeking not only to beautify their properties, but are looking towards long-term restoration goals that enhance the ecological value of their properties.

A Garry Oak Meadow, Cowichan Valley, BC
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