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Saanich Native Plants offers one of the largest selections of native plant seed in the Victoria area.

Seeds are collected from our own stock and sold in packages and in wholesale quantities.  We also offer custom mixes suited to a variety of conditions and customer needs. 

For custom collection or orders, it is best to order in the spring and summer when we can target our collections for your needs. Much of our seed sells out in the fall and winter when the timing is best for sowing. Please order in advance so that you are not disappointed. A small selection of our seed is packaged in smaller quantities and is for sale year-round.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please ask!

Farewell-to-Spring (Clarkia amoena)                                       Woolly Sunflower (Eriophyllum lanatum)
Producing native seeds requires planting of single-species beds so that the seed can be harvested efficiently. These beds are largely care free and, in addition to producing seeds, contribute to soil development, pollinator enhancement, and wildlife habitat.

Wildflower Mixes

$5.00 mix

Covers about 2 m2
Contains Great Camas, Woolly Sunflower, Seablush, Farewell-to-spring

$20.00 mix
Covers about 4 m2
Contains Great Camas, Woolly Sunflower, Seablush, Farewell-to-spring, Red Columbine, Western Buttercup, Spring Gold, Broad-leaved Shootingstar
Species $/gram  
Achillea millefolium* $5.00
Allium amplectens $10.00 OUT OF STOCK
Allium cernuum $5.00 OUT OF STOCK
Anaphalis margaritacea $2.00
Aquilegia formosa* $5.00 OUT OF STOCK
Artemisia suksdorfii $3.00
Bromus carinatus $0.35
Bromus vulgaris $0.50
Camassia leichtlinii* $1.15
Camassia quamash* $2.50
Carex deweyana $4.75
Carex exsicatta $5.00
Carex feta $5.00
Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa $5.50
Carex lyngbyei. $3.00 OUT OF STOCK
Carex obnupta $3.00
Carex pachystachya $3.50
Carex tracyii (= C. ovalis) $3.50
Carex unilateralis $5.75
Cerastium arvense  $12.00 OUTOFSTOCK
Clarkia amoena* $10.00
Claytonia perfoliata $5.25
Claytonia sibirica $6.25
Collinsia parviflora* $10.00
Danthonia californica $1.00 OUT OF STOCK
Delphinium menziesii $18.50 OUT OF STOCK
Deschampsia cespitosa $0.55
Dodecatheon hendersonii* $20.00 OUT OF STOCK
Dodecatheon pulchellum $20.00 OUT OF STOCK
Elymus glaucus $1.50
Eriophyllum lanatum* $5.00
Erythronium oregonum $4.00 OUT OF STOCK
Festuca roemeri $2.00 OUT OF STOCK
Fritillaria affinis $20.00 OUT OF STOCK
Geum macrophyllum $3.00
Grindelia stricta $2.00
Helenium autumnale ssp. grandiflorum $2.00
Heracleum maximum $0.35
Hordeum brachyantherum $0.50
Juncus articulatus $5.00
Juncus ensifolius $5.00
Juncus occidentalis $5.00 OUT OF STOCK
Lilium columbianum  $7.00 OUT OF STOCK
Lomatium nudicaule $3.00
Lomatium utriculatum* $4.00
Lupinus bicolor $8.00 OUT OF STOCK
Lupinus polycarpus $6.50 OUT OF STOCK
Luzula multiflora $10.00
Madia glomerata $3.00 OUT OF STOCK
Melica subulata $0.75 OUT OF STOCK
Mimulus guttatus $9.00
Mitella ovalis $12.00
Nemophila parvifolia $3.00
Olsynium douglasii $10.50 OUT OF STOCK
Perideridia gairdneri $10.00 OUT OF STOCK
Plectritis congesta* $10.00
Potentilla gracilis var. gracilis* $8.25
Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata* $5.00
Ranunculus occidentalis* $5.00
Ranunculus orthorhynchus $5.00
Ranunculus uncinatus $5.00
Rosa nutkana $4.00 OUT OF STOCK
Sanicula crassicaulis $1.25
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani $5.00
Scirpus microcarpus $5.00
Sisyrinchium idahoense* $10.50
Solidago lepida $5.00
Stachys chamissonis $5.50
Symphyotrichum subspicatum $4.00
Tellima grandiflora* $4.00
Tiarella trifoliata $14.00
Toxicoscordion venenosum $17.00 OUT OF STOCK
Trifolium wildenowii $20.00
Triteleia hyacinthina* $6.00
Urtica dioica $7.00 OUT OF STOCK
*pre-packaged available ($5 seed packets)
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